The New Message on Jesus

Jesus was a significant figure for human development, an initiator for the era that is now almost over. In this era, humankind has gone from the isolation and competition among tribes to international, interracial, intercultural collaboration and cooperation.

This development has been very difficult, cataclysmic even, but humanity is now established, not as a collection of tribes, but as larger unions of many races and cultures, ideas and beliefs. Jesus helped usher in this age of civilization.

Perhaps it seems humanity has not developed very far in the 2,000 years since Christ. However, imagine the world before Christ came–try to imagine it–and then see the difference: see the foundation that he built where all races and peoples can meet and share their visions and their needs.

Asking “Who Was Jesus” and seeing his historical impact leads to the conclusion that he was the catalyst for nations to successfully interact, to peacefully compete, and to mix their cultures on a global scale. Without Jesus, the modern world doesn’t exist.

Without a messenger from God (Jesus), how could have this been possible? Despite the long, sad history of abuses in the name of Christianity, this teaching is still alive in the world today and acts as a bridge to connect people across barriers of language, geography and culture.

Christianity was brought into the world by an original messenger from God. And that message was for all races on all continents, not just one tribe or one group. Now, certainly the devotion and adherence to the original message varies, yet it is the same essence that is held in common and that unites an ongoing mission towards a more unified humanity that is more forgiving, more aware of the Divine, and exhibiting more compassion and purpose.

“This is a religion for international civilization, as is true of many of the other religious movements that were initiated in the world and that have advanced into a more modern age.”

Greater Community Spirituality, chapter 26: Who Was Jesus?

Was Jesus divine?

Jesus lived as a human with a divine mission, one of divine origin and purpose. He realized Knowledge, the divine spark of still awareness within, and devoted himself to contributing this realization to the world. Through the effort of many, this devotion has become a Way of Knowledge, a means for replicating his work of devotion, dedication and service for millions on Earth.

While the original messages of Jesus may have been distorted by governments and people who used his message for power and control, the essence of Jesus’ teaching has been kept alive for the benefit of humanity.

What was the Essence of his Teaching?

Jesus taught and demonstrated a direct relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. In the Greater Community understanding, the Holy Spirit is called Knowledge. The relationship with God through the Holy Spirit, or Knowledge, ignites the spark of the Divine within every individual everywhere on the planet. If developed and realized, Knowledge points the way to know God’s will and to be able to follow God’s will.

The work of any Messenger from God is to show the way; this is not to say that the message won’t be distorted and abused. Yet his essential contribution, the teaching on relationship that is relationship itself, remains for and with those who seek to know truly and to understand.

“The teaching of compassion, forgiveness, and devotion and the example of Jesus all serve to unite people across these great and difficult gaps of separation.”

Greater Community Spirituality, chapter 26: Who Was Jesus?

Today, there is a new Messenger from God with an equally vital mission to unify and uplift humanity.