Hermes (Mercury in Latin?) is the trickster, the Machiavellian, the Gemini? speaks out of both sides of his mouth, the trader, (trump), always angling for the win, the advantage (resource collectors). Smart to take care of his security by wheeling and dealing but everything is a game, every relationship a trade for advantage. Somehow redeemed, though, through influence of Maia?

The meaning of life, said the one who was winning, is to die with the most toys.

You have got to be carefully taught.
Everything you do is a practice. Hermes represents cunning, intelligence, discernment and command of a situation.

Life is a poker game.

The thief in “All Along the Watchtower.”

Above All Else Keep the Circle Unbroken and “You’ll Be Fine”

Since we are all here on the same sacred rendezvous with the Message and the Messenger, I commemorate this the last photo that will ever contain Marshall Vian Summers in a public setting.

The Messenger will no longer have the freedom to enjoy Encampment if he cannot feel secure about his health and exposure to what he sees as clearly enough identified in the New Message as pandemic of the order of early, fast and hard Great Waves of change.

Count the people who will not ever meet him face to face. Completely unknown, unless we now pivot fast to a new world where we must understand the life of the Messenger in our world is the most important commodity, or accommodation to the conditions of living in Separation.
We need him on Earth and his physical vessel is at risk, though every source of Knowledge in the physical at every dimension has been attended to that has been able to be addressed.
The warning, the blessing and the preparation have been given to preserve the life of this Messenger, to outweigh the heaviness of the drags on movement to a new world that requires everyone to give up their prejudices, their own agenda, their antagonisms against each other that boil down to name-calling, typing, profiling others by our own blind spots, not seeing the big picture that all humanity is at risk and one human here is going to make a big difference as long as he lives.

Freedom Fighter’s Dream of Our Future

I am a freedom fighter. 25 years ago, I had a short but vivid dream that shook me to the core. We (all men) went to out tin shacks at the end of the work (slave) day. Four men to a shack, (the rows of shacks were further down the road at the bottom of this drawing) sweaty and dirty, we had our food rations, some beverage and crashed on our sleeping pads.

The labors that we did, how we lived, our corporate masters, where are the women? We had never seen a woman……. none of this was thought about or questioned. Any other life, freedom, was a unknown concept, as if we had for generations been born into the mining world run by the controllers. There was no other lifestyle to compare to and have regrets about not having.

This lifetime, when I was 12, one of the big orange circular ones was over my house. I’ve spent 50 years deciphering through the quagmires of disinformation and information, learning of the bigger picture.

They will leave this world raped and destitute a thousand years from now if their temptations and subtle takeover methods are not recognized and resisted with a vigilance.

You are being attacked in ways that you do not know are attack. You are being acclimatized to acquiesce to their presence. Your “controllers” of your world are being led to lead you into a technologically controlled collective.

The controllers of the controllers are not human. The knowledge of freedom and creativity will be eradicated, a lost memory of the distant past….

but there is a slim chance it will not.

We have a very brief window of opportunity, but opportunity is a perishable commodity. It’s here then it’s gone forever.

Fear mongering you might say? Fear would be an appropriate emotion when a threat is in your house. For a few out of each thousand though, you will respond. You will find your allies. And you will need to find the greatest unwavering courage, strength and determination.

The Detective’s Story

I will tell you another story.vintage-interrogation-lightbulb
I went to a prison to interview two inmates for separate jobs, the first one wanted a solicitor but the second didn’t.
I met the solicitor inside the prison and as the guards were checking us in the solicitor realized he had forgot his picture ID badge in London, this was about 90 min drive, so they wouldn’t let him through and the first inmate was taken back to his cell.
I interviewed the second and then went back to my police station.
One week later I found out that the first inmate was searched and sat in the waiting room, he was then told about the solicitor’s mistake and he was then taken back through the search room, they again sat him down on the metal detector chair and it buzzed, they search him and found a razor knife up his back side which didn’t sound the first time through because it was further up, the second time through and it was working its way out.


When they interviewed him and asked what he had planned to do with this knife he said that he was going to slit the interviewing officer with it…ME!!!
I don’t know what this means but what are the chances, the solicitor stated he had never forgotten his ID in all the years he had been doing this job.


Row, Lend Ballast or Go Gently from the Boat

Or, as it usually goes: “Lead, follow or get out of the way,” said at times of urgency, times that demand clear lines of authority.  lead, follow and get out

Times of urgency create pressure to follow the clear command of strong authority, to escape the panic of fear and confusion. Anyone who seems to have some idea of a clear direction will be able to command forces.

In other times, in the lulls between storms,  the need for resolute action is no longer felt so urgently–the pressure is gone. The absence of any sense of urgency about hot spots and pressure zones is evidence of some kind of numbing effect as the environmental pressures continue to accelerate throughout the world, on so many levels–political, environmental, social, economic–of upheaval.

If we understand that the situation in the world is quite critical in some areas, then the need for deliberate action remains, yet it is being ignored, at the peril of many who co-exist in this small boat that is our shared environment, the Earth.

Row, Lend Ballast or Go Gently from the Boat

fishingOur relative comfort, in the developed nations, has led to the pervasive idea we are here on Earth to enjoy its richness. If we could see how precious is the beauty of the world, it would completely flip this idea that it is here for us to plunder. Yet we continue to plunder and continue to feel entitled to receive the benefits of a vast infrastructure of support as if children, or tourists on a cruise.

To see how precious the resources of the planet, to watch the devastation occur to species and environments, is to wake up to the fact that all hands on deck are here to assist a great enterprise, this world and all it contains, including all the achievements of humankind.

“You have come into the world at a great turning point, a turning point only part of which you will see in your lifetime. It is a turning point where your world gains contact with worlds in its vicinity. This is the natural evolution of humanity, as it is the natural evolution of all intelligent life in all worlds.” —Step 190 from Steps to Knowledge

First Get on Board

In most situations, leadership is nothing but following orders from on high, wherever that is deemed to be. A great deal of confusion exists in the world because of the many sources vying for claims of authority and old voices of authority being challenged.

And then there’s the confusion within each individual, the inner crisis of having an inner sense of being on Earth for a purpose while being lulled into thinking that purpose is for their own edification or enjoyment. This would be in the pockets of relative affluence where survival needs are taken for granted. The affluent as well, of course, are subject to ensuring the survival of their customary way of living. The need to get on board as part of the crew–to understand there are no passengers, only crew–is pervasive throughout all levels of relationship, in marriage and family and in organizations.

Freedom for Dedicated and Coordinated Purpose

The inner crisis–wait, was I given this gift of life for a reason? What must I accomplish here in my time on Earth?–burns like a festering wound or other outbreak of simmering unease, a pressure that can be displaced or ignored until it reaches urgency to more pronounced effect.

Navigating through this journey on Earth at this critical time, it becomes ever more clear this ship is not designed as a pleasure boat for the few. Hence the upgrade to the old bark of an order to get in line fast (“lead, follow or get out of the way”) to the analogy of the crew on a ship, a crew that unfortunately will face casualties in the storms to come–some will get washed overboard who are not paying attention:

“Row, lend ballast or go gently from the boat.”

Religious freedom is a rare thing in the universe, when you realize the stakes in allowing individuals to have a feeling of righteous ownership over their personal sovereignty, haphazardly following a higher power seen only to themselves.


There is only one boat

Often, there is no other boat! No “Planet B” where we can go work out our differences. Situational ethics boils the question down to the bare essence–if you had to choose, what would you choose. Not all situations fit that lifeboat situation, the challenge there to be prepared when the situation does call for nothing but pure self-protective, self-directed LEADing!!! when so often following or getting out of the way will suffice the needs of the day.

Are you really taking that with you?

So check your baggage–everything you carry will ultimately result in Option #1, to syncretize (or not, of course), which is compromise, of course, but it must be understood as an evolutionary skill that has value. Because it works.

The burdens we carry are as mysterious as the great treasures of the Kingdom within, so no shame in maintaining the mysterious.

Only to understand there are few options that boil down to

  • Lead, follow, get out of the way.
  • Syncretize, argue or run. [True leadership quite rare?]
  • Join or do not join:

. Many, many choose to “leave the boat” on a momentary basis or long stretches, so checked out, swept so far downstream, mercy is all that can be offered as they race by, dragged by heavy weights they must release before able even to cope with sounds of rescue.

Lead, follow or get out of the way?

Many, many find safety in drifting away from the tide of the new, the wave of power building that first responders will grasp and be ready to move with. Many now are reading the signs of current events as if to reinforce a hidden belief that God looks out for God’s favorites.

Option #3 has serious trade-offs but will affect the majority of all who live:

  1. To abdicate is suicide.
  2. To compartmentalize is compromise.
  3. Denial is consequential.


Signs of Covenant

Reminders of ancient agreements

Inter-life regressionists such as Michael Newton share recollections of subjects who planted clues ahead of this life, to cue themselves to remember–when you see [x], you will recall [y]–the recognition of a task they had set forth for themselves to accomplish in this life, or an associate who would be critically needed in their endeavor. 

Michael Newton and some others recall other lifetimes in other worlds. Some of those worlds surely reached the natural decadence that is normative to developing races the more they grow reliant on technology; having lived in a prior existence on those worlds could make a soul especially sensitive to the warning signs of a world in collapse, feeling triggered, not knowing why, by economic risk, political instability and environmental degradation.

“When you see this, you will know.”

“The world itself will tell you what is coming if you know how to read it and to discern its signs and its messages.” Signs on the New Message wiki.

The rainbow, sign of the covenant in Genesis 9:12-16, no longer signifies what it did to the relieved eyes of Noah when he witnessed it. His gratitude fostered the interpretation we’ve received, the meaning given to that sign in the sky–no more mean Old God; a new agreement is given. 

Signs can occur out of time and for a specific time, sometimes appearing well in advance of any useful interpretation and, it appears from the Noah account, more time-limited than they were understood to be. Assigning the meaning for a sign given is one thing on the individual level, but harder to do for the entire collective for all time.  

The specifics in this sign of covenant initially witnessed by Noah might now become a stumbling block for casualties of recent disasters, among them floods. The devastation that wasted “all flesh” (excepting what Noah rescued) by flood was reported in other ancient literature and interpreted as a cleansing of impurity from the land, as the holocaust that cleared Sodom and Gomorrah was seen to do also. 

9:12 God said, “This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations:
9:13 I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.
9:14 When I bring clouds over the earth and the bow is seen in the clouds,
9:15 I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.
9:16 When the bow is in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.”

Déjà vu

When you awake you will remember everything.”

Pareidolia. Synchronicities. These are different kinds of signs, not as clearly spelled out on first appearance, not able to be interpreted in retrospect as with the sign of the covenant with Noah or the embedded messages from the pre-existent soul as in Michael Newton’s case studies.

As with déjà vu, what is striking about noticing patterns that shouldn’t be there but are hard to miss once you do see them, is the shock of awareness that comes with them, the sense of a pause to interrupt the program called reality you’d been operating under, feeling like the spinning beachball of death just flashed on the screen that is real life. No meaning, no interpretation, just the trigger that trips your step as you were proceeding somewhat mindlessly along. Perhaps these signs that cannot be interpreted are only calls to awareness, a salute from prankster forces in the universe, a joke from the universe to remind us we are not as smart or as knowing as we think we are.

“Once an individual can begin to sense that there is a greater presence and a greater intelligence within them and can begin to receive signs and guidance from this intelligence, they have begun the long process in regaining and developing the most fundamental freedom.”(Signs on the New Message wiki)

It is striking that both Old and New Testament lessons this week and last are cited as occasions of UFOs in the Bible, as is the story of the razing of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is striking that UFOs as an explanation for these mysterious events is a simpler solution and more prosaic, more natural, than divine intervention.

Mark 1:9-15
1:9 In those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan.
1:10 And just as he was coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens torn apart and the Spirit descending like a dove on him.
1:11 And a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”
1:12 And the Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness.
1:13 He was in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan; and he was with the wild beasts; and the angels waited on him.