Freedom Fighter’s Dream of Our Future

I am a freedom fighter. 25 years ago, I had a short but vivid dream that shook me to the core. We (all men) went to out tin shacks at the end of the work (slave) day. Four men to a shack, (the rows of shacks were further down the road at the bottom of this drawing) sweaty and dirty, we had our food rations, some beverage and crashed on our sleeping pads.

The labors that we did, how we lived, our corporate masters, where are the women? We had never seen a woman……. none of this was thought about or questioned. Any other life, freedom, was a unknown concept, as if we had for generations been born into the mining world run by the controllers. There was no other lifestyle to compare to and have regrets about not having.

This lifetime, when I was 12, one of the big orange circular ones was over my house. I’ve spent 50 years deciphering through the quagmires of disinformation and information, learning of the bigger picture.

They will leave this world raped and destitute a thousand years from now if their temptations and subtle takeover methods are not recognized and resisted with a vigilance.

You are being attacked in ways that you do not know are attack. You are being acclimatized to acquiesce to their presence. Your “controllers” of your world are being led to lead you into a technologically controlled collective.

The controllers of the controllers are not human. The knowledge of freedom and creativity will be eradicated, a lost memory of the distant past….

but there is a slim chance it will not.

We have a very brief window of opportunity, but opportunity is a perishable commodity. It’s here then it’s gone forever.

Fear mongering you might say? Fear would be an appropriate emotion when a threat is in your house. For a few out of each thousand though, you will respond. You will find your allies. And you will need to find the greatest unwavering courage, strength and determination.


A Facebook post reads:

My son got out of prison over a month ago and came to live with me well he won’t go get a job he says its because he has no clothes yet I bought him a bunch of name brand clothes he said he don’t like them! Hes mad at me cause I won’t take him to the mall to steal! And he said staying with me has been the worst month hes ever had! And all the money I’ve spent on cigs and food for him is unappreciated. I told him he has to leave and he told me to F off! what am I going to do help?