The Detective’s Story

I will tell you another story.vintage-interrogation-lightbulb
I went to a prison to interview two inmates for separate jobs, the first one wanted a solicitor but the second didn’t.
I met the solicitor inside the prison and as the guards were checking us in the solicitor realized he had forgot his picture ID badge in London, this was about 90 min drive, so they wouldn’t let him through and the first inmate was taken back to his cell.
I interviewed the second and then went back to my police station.
One week later I found out that the first inmate was searched and sat in the waiting room, he was then told about the solicitor’s mistake and he was then taken back through the search room, they again sat him down on the metal detector chair and it buzzed, they search him and found a razor knife up his back side which didn’t sound the first time through because it was further up, the second time through and it was working its way out.


When they interviewed him and asked what he had planned to do with this knife he said that he was going to slit the interviewing officer with it…ME!!!
I don’t know what this means but what are the chances, the solicitor stated he had never forgotten his ID in all the years he had been doing this job.


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