Discerning What Is True

Can you imagine our world without the message that Jesus delivered, our lives empty of the grace of his teachings and example? To try to imagine a world without that example in it is to begin to see how revolutionary that message was in its time.

This time now is another time of such a revolution.

Many voices would be the harbinger of times to come. How to know which to listen to?

Discerning messages when completely new: what to look for, how to evaluate

When a message is completely new, how to judge? The standard of judgment by community consensus won’t apply. The test of time cannot be applied in our time.

Every person’s inner witness will be their guide to a revolutionarily new perspective that

  • clarifies and integrates the old
  • comes at a critical juncture in human development
  • is functional in practice


  1. an entirely new conceptualization
    • aperture widening, paradigm/perspective shifting
    • coming by necessity at a threshold of development for the human species
    • offending the status quo
  2. integrates, stimulates and evaluates what has come before
    • secular and traditional religious
    • conversant with what has come before–antagonizing the backwards facing, synergizing with the forward thinking
    • reforming but more likely anticipating complete revolution, warning of natural consequences of repeated error. I.e., the greater the need for reformation, the sharper the bend in the ellipsis of the revolution, the turning point.
  3. comes at a great hinge of history in the formation of the human race as a collective on ever greater scale–family/tribe to world-unified.
  4. is practical
    • illustrated in the way of being and relating with more harmony and congruence, clarity and purpose resulting in lasting contribution, permanent accomplishment and improved relationships
    • touching all aspects of life, not categorically but with a framework that applies to all situations
  5. Is multi-level
    • understood at simplest levels, with depths found only after long exposure
    • clean of bias, adjusted for the audience comprehension
    • expansive in perspective, aperture widening (or rather, greasing the aperture for flexible convergence)
    • Is translatable
      • language is simple
      • syncretism is inevitable?


At whatever level your contribution may be given, whatever small part you may play in this great evolutionary change and emergence, let this Christmas be a reminder that there is a calling for you and that you seek to respond because this is the only means for fulfillment and satisfaction in life. This is the only basis for real and lasting relationships. The Meaning of Christmas (December 23, 1994)



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