An Account of Greater Coordination

The Greater Coordination

I first became aware of synchronies in about 1996 whilst reading a book called the Holographic Universe written by Michael Talbot. In this book Michael wrote about synchronicities and one day, whilst reading this book, a sales man knocked at my door offering to sell me double glazed windows for my house…he introduced himself as Michael Talbot.

In 1997 I learnt remote viewing with David Morehouse in Ipswich, UK. This had somehow opened me up further to the reality of synchronicities which were now becoming a daily occurrence. I began to accept them as being a normal part of life, however, I could never quite see the purpose of having them and I wondered, as crazy as this might sound, if they might point to the presence of a morphogenetic field which God had included in the universe to allow for synchronous events to occur for the purposes of evolution.

I joined the police in March 2002 and after about 8 months I was dispatched to a job single crewed. A young female wanted to report harassment by her ex-partner. I sat in her living room at one end of the sofa as she sat opposite me in an armchair and explained her predicament. At the opposite end of the sofa was a male who appeared to be sleeping. I could not see his face because he had his arm up over his head, all I could see of him was a ‘spider web’ tattoo on his right elbow. I indicated to the female as if asking who the male was. She stated that it was an old friend but she couldn’t understand why he had come around and was sleeping in her living room.

After taking a report from the young female I returned to the police station. I sat in the report writing room catching up with my paperwork when a colleague entered the room and announced that she was looking for a high risk missing person who was intent on killing himself with a drug overdose. She seemed quite anxious and described the male’s appearance, she also described him as having a ‘spider web’ tattoo on his right elbow. I said “I just was just with this male, he is in a house at the bottom of this street”. My female colleague looked at me with a surprised look, she then looked at me seriously and stated “you better not be playing with me”, I assured her that I was serious and I agreed to take her to the house to locate this male. I explained that the male appeared to be sleeping on the sofa and so we called for the paramedics to meet us at the address.

We were joined by a few more colleagues and we arrived at the same time as the paramedics. We entered the premises and found the male collapsed and unconscious in the middle of the living room floor. The paramedics administered a naloxone injection to reverse the effects of a drugs overdose, the male regained consciousness and was then taken to hospital.

I received a few strange looks from my colleagues after this occurrence. A couple of them said “what are the chances of that happening?” and I have often wondered that myself. The town I work in has a population of about 230,000. I happened to be in the right town, the right house, at the right time, the right day and saw exactly what I needed to see…the ‘spider web’ tattoo on his right elbow. There are so many other variables which could also be brought into this that the minds boggles.

I remember listening to Marshall Vian Summers talk about the Greater Coordination which is occurring in this world and the universe at large. It is what brought us into the world and what continues to work through us whilst we are here. The Greater Coordination is the work of God, something which would be impossible for us to understand. Marshall invited us to try and imagine the Greater Coordination required for an entire city, this level of complexity is something only God could achieve.

I do not know why this male needed to stay alive but I do know from this, and many other similar occurrences that I have experienced during times of need, that the Greater Coordination is real, as told in The New Message from God brought to us by Marshall Vian Summers. I am no longer puzzled about the nature and purpose of synchronous events in my life as I was back in 1996.

Nasi Novare Coram

Freedom Fighter’s Dream of Our Future

I am a freedom fighter. 25 years ago, I had a short but vivid dream that shook me to the core. We (all men) went to out tin shacks at the end of the work (slave) day. Four men to a shack, (the rows of shacks were further down the road at the bottom of this drawing) sweaty and dirty, we had our food rations, some beverage and crashed on our sleeping pads.

The labors that we did, how we lived, our corporate masters, where are the women? We had never seen a woman……. none of this was thought about or questioned. Any other life, freedom, was a unknown concept, as if we had for generations been born into the mining world run by the controllers. There was no other lifestyle to compare to and have regrets about not having.

This lifetime, when I was 12, one of the big orange circular ones was over my house. I’ve spent 50 years deciphering through the quagmires of disinformation and information, learning of the bigger picture.

They will leave this world raped and destitute a thousand years from now if their temptations and subtle takeover methods are not recognized and resisted with a vigilance.

You are being attacked in ways that you do not know are attack. You are being acclimatized to acquiesce to their presence. Your “controllers” of your world are being led to lead you into a technologically controlled collective.

The controllers of the controllers are not human. The knowledge of freedom and creativity will be eradicated, a lost memory of the distant past….

but there is a slim chance it will not.

We have a very brief window of opportunity, but opportunity is a perishable commodity. It’s here then it’s gone forever.

Fear mongering you might say? Fear would be an appropriate emotion when a threat is in your house. For a few out of each thousand though, you will respond. You will find your allies. And you will need to find the greatest unwavering courage, strength and determination.


A Facebook post reads:

My son got out of prison over a month ago and came to live with me well he won’t go get a job he says its because he has no clothes yet I bought him a bunch of name brand clothes he said he don’t like them! Hes mad at me cause I won’t take him to the mall to steal! And he said staying with me has been the worst month hes ever had! And all the money I’ve spent on cigs and food for him is unappreciated. I told him he has to leave and he told me to F off! what am I going to do help?


The seeds for this site

Thirty years ago, plus some

1985-86 was a pivotal year for me, one of several when I only knew to move and knew not where. I do remember in that year being fascinated with a branch of contemporary Christian thought about narrative as a key to, well, the stories we tell ourselves. Even at that time, I thought, this could work, long-distance, in prisons.

Twenty years ago

A family member is removed from the streets–that’s the good news–and incarcerated–that’s the bad news. I hire inmates for home renovations. Things could have gone better.

Just about 10 years ago

Sending books to inmates. Setting up this blogsite. Things still crashing in a pile of ashes.


What drives the urgency now? Not enough. The Prison Book Project will need dedication to get that locomotive in motion. The movement has begun!

More of the story leading to this website

Here, the shifting sands of 2008 and what was dislodged in my memory

Here, this development of this site from the same time period onward.


The Detective’s Story

I will tell you another story.vintage-interrogation-lightbulb
I went to a prison to interview two inmates for separate jobs, the first one wanted a solicitor but the second didn’t.
I met the solicitor inside the prison and as the guards were checking us in the solicitor realized he had forgot his picture ID badge in London, this was about 90 min drive, so they wouldn’t let him through and the first inmate was taken back to his cell.
I interviewed the second and then went back to my police station.
One week later I found out that the first inmate was searched and sat in the waiting room, he was then told about the solicitor’s mistake and he was then taken back through the search room, they again sat him down on the metal detector chair and it buzzed, they search him and found a razor knife up his back side which didn’t sound the first time through because it was further up, the second time through and it was working its way out.


When they interviewed him and asked what he had planned to do with this knife he said that he was going to slit the interviewing officer with it…ME!!!
I don’t know what this means but what are the chances, the solicitor stated he had never forgotten his ID in all the years he had been doing this job.


Example of foundation story


My Mother was a very tough woman as I was growing up. Reflecting back from the time we were staying in Buruburu when I was like 6 years or so. She could not take jokes for reality, especially if another child accused me of doing something. I bet you know what would happen to me. She was working as a Civil servant in the office of the President, then Daniel Arap Moi.
I was then taken to live with my grandmother in Shags to Join school from class one. It was very nice living with her, and she loved me so much. When I reached class four (Primary Four), all hell broke loose, I had some friends that my grandmother didn’t want me to associate with, If you have watched the comedy “Everybody hates Chris”, all relatives could just wait for my mother to visit and report me. My mother could beat me thoroughly. It went that way, until I did my Class eight exams. Then it was time to go for high school.
In 2001, My Mother was called by God, to leave her work, Pension, Salary and any other benefits for retirement to go to Bible College to serve God, work in God’s Government. She was hoping that when Moi retrenched civil servants in 2000, she could be on the list, she was not retrenched. She had to hear the voice of God and did as God said. Then I was also to go to school in form one. Thank God to her late friend Jemima Marende who was very supporting of her? After her college, she knew that “The work is plentiful, but the laborers are few”. She was received by Men in charge of the “Work”, at some point she felt very frustrated in her calling, But God in his own timing shown himself to be faithful.
Several things common between My Mother and Grandmother is that they were all jovial, hospitable, honest, women of integrity and could speak truth to power no matter the consequences. For my mother “Men in Charge of the Work” could not intimidate her with being fired. She could speak her mind, as long as she knows who called her.
As I finish, I want to say that, her death was and still is a big blow to me, for I was not prepared for her to die, before she passed on, on Monday 5th July 2017, I work up, And there was a bird on the roof, you know these black birds, I took a stone threw at it and rebuked it’s message. But when I went back to the house, my inner Spirit told me, “today you will be fired from the campaign for a week”, are you prepared. Then I said, yeah I can get another Aspirant to work for. When I reached town, I was truly fired by the person I was Campaigning for, for a week, I came home to make contacts with other Aspirants. One of them agreed to give me appointment at 6:30 Am the next day. I woke up at 6 Am on Tuesday 6th July 2017, sent a message to the Aspirant to ask if we are still meeting, He never answered until 7:Pm when he gave me a call that he has been waiting for me since 6:30 Am, I quickly changed and went. When we just finished the meeting, I saw my sister calling, I said, God I hope the worst has not happened. When I picked the call, I could hear her screaming and crying loud, she told me, Jimmy Our Mother has passed away. I got very confused and shouted, but I didn’t want people to think that I have gone mad. I calmed and started singing some songs my Grandmother use to sing, every time she was told that someone had passed away. Given time with her again, I have some questions to ask her. GOD GAVE AND GOD TOOK AWAY, MAY HIS NAME BE PRAISED ALWAYS.



Great Tidings to All People of Good Will

Great ideas here!

In a nutshell:

  1. Young people, your lives matter, and all you have to offer to a world in need.
  2. There are many freedom fighters here among us.
  3. Study the history of your world.
  4. There is no justification for war, not for efficacy to begin with.
  5. The internet can be a force for good to unite the world in instant communication.
  6. Compassion, collaboration are activities that unite for mutual support, igniting forces stronger than dissonant forces.
  7. This is the Age of the Individual.
  8. Know your mind and train it well to be a force for good.
  9. The Age of Women is also emergent.
  10. Remember, follow no one who does not support your individual contribution and responsibility.

Discerning What Is True

Can you imagine our world without the message that Jesus delivered, our lives empty of the grace of his teachings and example? To try to imagine a world without that example in it is to begin to see how revolutionary that message was in its time.

This time now is another time of such a revolution.

Many voices would be the harbinger of times to come. How to know which to listen to?

Discerning messages when completely new: what to look for, how to evaluate

When a message is completely new, how to judge? The standard of judgment by community consensus won’t apply. The test of time cannot be applied in our time.

Every person’s inner witness will be their guide to a revolutionarily new perspective that

  • clarifies and integrates the old
  • comes at a critical juncture in human development
  • is functional in practice


  1. an entirely new conceptualization
    • aperture widening, paradigm/perspective shifting
    • coming by necessity at a threshold of development for the human species
    • offending the status quo
  2. integrates, stimulates and evaluates what has come before
    • secular and traditional religious
    • conversant with what has come before–antagonizing the backwards facing, synergizing with the forward thinking
    • reforming but more likely anticipating complete revolution, warning of natural consequences of repeated error. I.e., the greater the need for reformation, the sharper the bend in the ellipsis of the revolution, the turning point.
  3. comes at a great hinge of history in the formation of the human race as a collective on ever greater scale–family/tribe to world-unified.
  4. is practical
    • illustrated in the way of being and relating with more harmony and congruence, clarity and purpose resulting in lasting contribution, permanent accomplishment and improved relationships
    • touching all aspects of life, not categorically but with a framework that applies to all situations
  5. Is multi-level
    • understood at simplest levels, with depths found only after long exposure
    • clean of bias, adjusted for the audience comprehension
    • expansive in perspective, aperture widening (or rather, greasing the aperture for flexible convergence)
    • Is translatable
      • language is simple
      • syncretism is inevitable?


At whatever level your contribution may be given, whatever small part you may play in this great evolutionary change and emergence, let this Christmas be a reminder that there is a calling for you and that you seek to respond because this is the only means for fulfillment and satisfaction in life. This is the only basis for real and lasting relationships. The Meaning of Christmas (December 23, 1994)


What Works: Extraordinary Means


God Does What Works

When nothing else will do, Divine Messages do get through, sometimes through extraordinary means:

  • Miracles of divine intervention.
  • Extra Sensory Perception.
  • Having a “sixth sense” or an intuition.
  • Paranormal experience, Seen and unseen, falsifiable and unfalsifiable.

If It Exists in the Imagination It Has a Demonstrable Reality

Extraordinary events and abilities are found in the world in the form of reports, at least, which is a minimum threshold of existence, to exist in people’s minds as a thought.

Memes, rumors, reports of unusual events become objects of ridicule, yet this very existence in the cultural awareness is a reality in the thought environment.  The imagination as a field in the mental environment needs management and control.

What Works: Setting Intention

Thoughts, words, intention. Do these things have a corporeality? In this era of internet communication when ideas travel the globe at roughly the speed of light, the power of thought and word behind action–which is only an opportunity away–are brightly evident. Words are preceded by intention; they can signal or mask intention behind action.

Remember, we have said that God does what works. –Greater Community Spirituality: Who is Wisdom meant for?

Things Do Go Bump in the Night

A humanistic, rational, science-based way of knowing dominates the mainstream mindset, with some tolerance for individual experience outside the norm. In this culture, unusual or unexplained phenomena could well be under-reported because they exist outside the norm; as not normal they exist in the realm of the  “weird,”  somewhat shameful, and not mentionable. Yet the reports of unexplained and extraordinary phenomena persist.

Demons by Any Name

Exorcism and reiki work attest to entities existing on some other level than manifest reality as commonly understood.

The Placebo Effect

The power of suggestion can be demonstrated to satisfaction. To every and anyone’s satisfaction? Well, perhaps not. But for those who avail themselves of this power can

Energy work, energy balancing, any or all techniques involving unseen forces and energies–acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractics, nutrition, and kinesiology–use non-invasive, drug-free, natural solutions to alleviate pain and allergies.


More on Medical Hypnosis

The most recent presentation on the placebo effect from Radio Lab looks at medical hypnotism   Mesmerism, “animal magnetism,” the “white coat effect” on doctors who wear them and on those around them.

And Paranormal Experience

William James. The Varieties of Religious Experience